Does it make you nervous when you think about how to get your essential oils? Have you ever stressed about wasting money on cheap brands or been worried about them being truly what they say they are? Well, I have worried about all these same things and I am here to tell you that after doing lots of research and digging, I found a company who produces amazing oils that work like they say they do. When I first got introduced to doterra by a friend, I thought "YEAH RIGHT, LIKE THESE ARE ANY DIFFERENT THAN THE OILS I ALREADY BOUGHT"! I was pretty skeptical, to say the least!  It was so difficult believing any oil company because any that I had ever bought online or at the local health store were never what I had hoped they were and they never seemed to help with the things that I bought them for! 

I hope that you will be open to learning more about doterra's essential oils despite what you have heard about them. I have found them beneficial for me and my family, friends and so many others that I have shared them with! I enrolled as a doterra member more than 2 years ago and I have been so amazed at the values and standards this company has set and maintained.

This company conducts their business in such a way as to be a positive influence for good with each person, customer, consultant, employee, vendor, and partner with whom we come in contact.

They will do this by:

  • Conducting their business with absolute honesty and integrity.

  • Treating all people with whom they come in contact with kindness

    and respect.

  • Conducting their interactions with others in a spirit of service and caring.

  • Working hard and managing the use of company resources wisely.

  • Fostering an uplifting work environment by smiling, laughing, and

    having fun.

  • Being grateful for success and giving recognition to others.

  • Being generous with those less fortunate in our community and around the world.


 I am so grateful I am a member of such great company who has such impressive values and helps to make such positive impact on others!

doterra offers a Wholesale Membership option that is very much like a Costco or Sam’s Club Membership. With the Membership, You are able to get products at a wholesale discount. This is the best and most affordable option for purchasing essential oils.If you would like to get a wholesale account or if you have any questions please contact me here.